Technology | May 15, 2013

ScottCare Launches Innovations in Management of Cardiac Implantable Device Data

Data management innovations provide device-neutral platforms to enhance clinical workflow and patient management

May 15, 2013 — ScottCare unveiled new advances for importing, monitoring and reviewing cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) data at this year’s Heart Rhythm Society’s scientific session last week.

ScottCare’s OneView CRM 4.0 software release incorporates major workflow enhancements for importing, monitoring and reporting remote and in-clinic CIED data. The new functionality makes it easy for clinicians to select and import data from programmers, follow patients with alerts, create patient reports, and schedule patients for device interrogation.

The company also launched CRMConnect, a new software solution that will allow healthcare institutions to seamlessly import CIED data and reports into their electronic health record (EHR) systems. CRMConnect, a device-neutral interface, imports data from cardiac rhythm management (CRM) companies’ remote monitoring platforms and in-clinic programmers, and transfers it to customer’s EHR system in an automated fashion. With the software, hospitals and clinics will have the ability to streamline their EHR integration efforts and avoid the complexity and cost associated with setting up and managing multiple interfaces with their CRM suppliers.

In addition to data management technologies, Ambucor Health Solutions, a division of ScottCare, offers virtualized labor for 24/7/365 surveillance and remote interrogation for patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices. Ambucor optimizes CIED data and presents only meaningful information for patient care needs. This unique offering also facilitates scanning and reporting for Holter, event and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry diagnostic monitors.

“The management of continuous remote data emanating from wireless CIEDs delivered to multiple CRM vendor Web portals poses a vexing problem for physician and hospital practices,” said Colin Movsowitz, M.D., clinical cardiac electrophysiologist, Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia. “This data needs to be assessed in a timely fashion and integrated into the electronic medical record. OneView and the Ambucor workforce provide a clinically robust and financially viable solution for the management of remote patient data.”

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