Technology | May 04, 2012

Spectocor Mobile Cardiac Monitoring System Wirelessly Transmits, Analyzes Arrhythmic Events

PocketECG unifies traditional Holter, event and mobile telemetry monitoring

May 4, 2012 - An advanced, comprehensive cardiac monitoring system – PocketECG – combines and builds on the best features available from traditional Holter, event and mobile telemetry monitoring. Unlike other monitoring systems on the market, the recently introduced Spectocor PocketECG analyzes and then streams full-disclosure rhythm data to a monitoring center on a continuous basis.

“The PocketECG monitoring system is an advanced milestone in long-term patient arrhythmia diagnostics that is especially effective in detecting asymptomatic and rare events, such as paroxysmal atrial fibrillation,” said Joe Bogdan, managing partner of Spectocor. “The PocketECG system was developed in response to physicians who demand a monitoring device that analyzes every heartbeat, provides remote access to full-disclosure ECG data and generates quantitative statistical reports for all ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias.”

Combining and building on the best features available from traditional Holter, event monitoring and mobile telemetry systems, PocketECG provides physicians with the most diagnostic and proven mobile cardiac monitoring available in the United States, according to Bogdan.

PocketECG monitor features include:

·         Easy-to-use technology for physicians and patients

·         Each and every abnormal heart rhythm is confirmed by one of Spectocor’s certified cardiac technicians, a service provided 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

·         Fast and easy-to-use website provides remote access to all reports with full statistics and annotated rhythm strips

·         Complete analysis of all ventricular and supraventricular ectopies, including the total number of occurrences of each arrhythmia, total burden, fastest and slowest rates and maximum duration of all episodes

·         Consolidated, accurate, quantitative reports that help physicians diagnose quickly, which improves the patient experience

·         Full-disclosure ECG transmission and analysis

·         Compact and mobile device, utilizing cellular networks for immediate transmissions

PocketECG detects an extensive list of arrhythmias:

·         Full heart rate statistics including maximum and minimum heart rates, tachycardia, bradycardia, pauses

·         All ventricular and supraventricular ectopies, including: Afibrillation, pauses, asystole, IVR/AIVR, VTach, couplets, triplets, bigeminy, trigeminy, runs and even single beats

·          Total, beat-by-beat burden for Afib, heart rate, PVCs, PACs

·         “Patient-triggered” transmissions provide correlation between symptoms and patient activity with potential arrhythmias

PocketECG’s comprehensive system unifies all types of arrhythmia diagnostic methods. All cardiac rhythm abnormalities are confirmed by certified cardiac technicians. “Other event monitoring and mobile telemetry systems do not transmit full disclosure data and have very basic algorithms, which are incapable of detecting ectopies with short durations such as a four-beat VTach, SVT, trigeminy, bigeminy, triplet, couplet, PVC or PAC,” said Bogdan.

Spectocor provides three layers of physician support and patient care that work in sync. Clinical and patient care specialists are assigned to each patient with oversight by senior leadership. Spectocor’s certified cardiac technicians are adept in discerning when to alert a physician regarding a patient’s arrhythmia.

Highly accurate in terms of specificity and sensitivity, the PocketECG system’s proprietary algorithms are based upon thousands of hours of real-life ECG recordings from Holter systems and intensive care units. Additionally, the PocketECG system has demonstrated high accuracy in side-by-side tests against Holter systems conducted in a clinical setting, as well as against standard MIT-BIH and AHA databases.

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