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Dave Fornell, editor of DAIC Magazine

Blog | Dave Fornell, DAIC Editor | December 29, 2017

Most Innovative New Cardiovascular Technologies in 2017

The latest cardiovascular technology, hottest cardiac technologies of 2017. These videos include the hottest cardiology technology advances of 2017.

There have been many innovative new technologies highlighted at the medical conferences I attended in 2017. Each year, I produce a series of videos from each conference I attend that highlights the coolest new technologies demonstrated on the expo floor or discussed in sessions. Here is an aggregation of the seven editor's choice videos I shot in 2017. 

These videos highlight the most cutting edge new technology or trends. I carry a video camera while walking the show floors and created the video segments on the fly when I see something interesting, or during scheduled booth tours. When possible, I try to tie in trends and information from the educational sessions to make the information more meaningful not only for the cardiologist readers, but also for supporting clinical staff and C-suite hospital administrators who now often have the final say on the adoption new technologies. 

VIDEO: Editor's Choice of the Most Innovative New Technologies at TCT 2017

VIDEO: Editor's Choice of Most Innovative New Cardiac Ultrasound Technology at ASE 2017

VIDEO: Editor's Choice of Most Innovative New Technology at HRS 2017

VIDEO: Editor's Choice of Most Innovative New Cardiac CT Technology at SCCT 2017

VIDEO: Editor's Choice of Most Innovative New Technology at ACC.17

VIDEO: Editor's Choice of Most Innovative Technology at HIMSS 2017

VIDEO: Editor's Choice of the Most Innovative New Imaging Technology at RSNA 2017

VIDEO: Examples of How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Medical Imaging


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