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Livongo Launches Applied Health Signals Product Category

Healthcare technology company will offer new voice-enabled cellular blood pressure monitoring, medication incentives, and data partnerships to help patients with chronic conditions

Livongo Launches Applied Health Signals Product Category

November 30, 2018 — Healthcare technology company Livongo recently announced the launch of its Applied Health Signals product category, with technologies that combine data science, behavior enablement and clinical impact to help people with chronic conditions stay healthy. The new category includes a voice-enabled, at-home, cellular blood pressure monitoring system, free medication incentives for eligible members, and a number of new data science capabilities and partnerships.

Health signals are created by an individual’s behaviors, health status, lifestyle and preferences. These signals can guide individuals and their care providers to proactively make changes to optimize clinical outcomes. Too often, people living with chronic conditions are presented with too many health data points to take meaningful action, according to Livongo. The company aggregates, interprets, applies and iterates (AI+AI) health signals to make healthy behaviors more accessible.

The new product offerings and partnerships, which harness the power of Applied Health Signals and enable AI+AI, include:

  • The first voice-enabled cellular blood pressure monitoring system. This enhancement builds on Livongo’s previously announced cellular blood pressure monitoring system, which allows members to instantly upload readings to the Livongo cloud (Cuff to Cloud). This next-generation system will allow a user to easily interact with Livongo via voice at each check, enabling a whole new way to deliver actionable, personalized and timely health signals that can lead to behavior change and clinical outcomes;
  • A behavior-driven incentives program that makes medication free. Eligible Livongo members receive co-pay waivers on medications, making their medications free. This overcomes the critical access barrier of cost and leverages personalized data insights to motivate the healthy behaviors that can lead to clinical outcomes; and
  • Data partnerships. Livongo is bringing key partners to research data sets and uncover new outcome-focused health signals that will improve the Livongo Applied Health Signals Engine over time. Livongo initially announced a partnership with Medisafe that will improve medication management for people with chronic conditions and further its data and capabilities in the Applied Health Signals category.

Livongo’s voice-enabled blood pressure system and co-pay incentive programs will be made available to members in 2019.

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