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Flurpiridaz Clinical Trial Results Will be Announced at ASNC2022

Jamshid Maddahi, MD, FASNC

August 12, 2022 — The results of “A Phase 3, Open-label, Multicenter Study of Flurpiridaz (F18) Injection for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging Assessment of Myocardial Perfusion in Patients Referred for Invasive Angiography Because of Suspected Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)” will be presented for the first time at ASNC’s 27th Annual Scientific Session and Exhibition, which will convene September 8-11, 2022, in Orlando, Florida. 

“Cardiac imagers around the world have been eager for the results of this important trial, which could set the stage for the approval of the first new nuclear cardiology perfusion radiopharmaceutical since the mid-1990s as well as the expanded use of cardiac PET imaging,” says ASNC President Dennis A. Calnon, MD, MASNC. “We are delighted to host the premier presentation of these new data when the nuclear cardiology community reunites at ASNC2022." 

The phase 3 flurpiridaz trial was designed to answer two questions: 

What is the diagnostic efficacy of flurpiridaz injection PET myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) for detecting significant CAD? 

How does the diagnostic efficacy of flurpiridaz injection PET MPI compare with SPECT MPI in detecting CAD? 

On Friday, September 9, during the ASNC2022 Opening Plenary Session, Jamshid Maddahi, MD, FASNC, the study’s principal investigator and director of the Clinical PET Scanning Center at UCLA Health, will present the trial’s findings. 

ASNC2022 also will feature a special session titled “F18 Flurpiridaz: Transforming Patient Care with Cardiac PET.” This case-based session will feature an interactive discussion of “The Flurpiridaz Journey” and the practical implications of the trial results for cardiac imaging labs and clinicians’ test selection. Scheduled for Saturday, September 10, at 1:00 PM (U.S. EDT), the session will be moderated by Rob S.B. Beanlands, MD, MASNC, with faculty including Timothy M. Bateman, MD, MASNC, Daniel S. Berman, MD, MASNC, Panithaya Chareonthaitawee, MD, Gary V. Heller, MD, PhD, MASNC, and Jamshid Maddahi, MD, FASNC. 

Flurpiridaz has several properties that make it intriguing for cardiac imagers: 

  • Ability to incorporate exercise testing with cardiac PET imaging 
  • Unit-dose delivery from a regional cyclotron 
  • High first-pass extraction fraction with the high spatial resolution associated with F18 radiopharmaceuticals 

“This trial has the potential to transform patient care, which fits perfectly with the ASNC2022 theme, ‘Bold Approaches for Transforming Patient Care,’” says ASNC2022 Program Chair Karthikeyan Ananthasubramaniam, MD, FASNC. “If you are a cardiac imaging professional, be sure to attend ASNC2022 to hear the new data for yourself and to hear from experts on what the results will mean for your lab and your patients.” 

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