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Cardiovascular Ultrasound

The cardiac ultrasound chart included a comparison chart of ultrasound system from various vendors. It includes systems used for echocardiography, share use and point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). Systems range from high-end, flagship systems (listed first in each vendor entry) to mid-range and compact and economical solutions. Basic systems will offer 2-D echo, while top of the line echo systems offer 3-D and 4-D imaging, advanced visualization filters and automated quantification and measurements. POCUS systems are designed for a quick look inside a patient for triage and basic cardiac assessments. Some systems designed for use in cardiac cath labs or hybrid ORs offer transesophageal echo (TEE).

Last updated on May 05, 2022
Company Product
Canon Medical Systems USA Aplio i900 V5.1
Canon Medical Systems USA Aplio i700 V5.1
Canon Medical Systems USA Aplio a550 V3.0
Canon Medical Systems USA Aplio a450 V3.0
Canon Medical Systems USA Xario 200G V2.0
Clarius Mobile Health C3 HD
Clarius Mobile Health PA HD
GE Healthcare Vivid E95 v204
GE Healthcare Vivid S70N v204
GE Healthcare Vivid iq 4D v204
GE Healthcare Vivid iq Premium v204
GE Healthcare Vivid iq v203
GE Healthcare Vivid T9 v203
Hitachi Healthcare Americas Lisendo 880
Konica Minolta Sonimage HS2
Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1
Mindray M9
Philips Healthcare Epiq CVx
Philips Healthcare Epiq CVxi
Philips Healthcare Affiniti 70
Philips Healthcare Affiniti 50
Philips Healthcare CX50 xMatrix
Philips Healthcare EchoNavigator 2.0
Siemens Healthineers Acuson SC2000 Prime Ultrasound System, 6.0 Release
Siemens Healthineers Acuson Bonsai
Siemens Healthineers Acuson Redwood
Siemens Healthineers Acuson P500 ICE Edition
Siemens Healthineers Acuson NX3 Elite
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