Feature | February 28, 2012

Top DAIC Stories of 2011

The 25 most popular articles readers chose on DAIC

Based on what readers clicked on throughout 2011 on DIcardiology.com, following is a list of the top 25 most popular stories.

1. Door-to-Balloon Times: 60 Minutes or Less

2. Costs vs. Benefits: Comparing 64-Slice to 256-, 320-Slice CT

3. FDA Clears Carotid Stenting for use in Standard-Surgical Risk Patients

4. Sealing the Access Site: Closure Devices, Hemostasis Patches Get Patientson Their Feet Faster

5. SCIPIO Trial Shows Cardiac Stem Cell Benefits for Heart Failure Patients

6. FDA Panel Recommends Approval of Transcatheter Aortic Valve

7. How to Plan for a Hybrid OR

8. Treating Hypertension With Renal Nerve Ablation

9. The Advantages and Disadvantages of OCT vs. IVUS

10. Choosing Tools for Transradial Procedures

11. Planning for a Hybrid Suite

12. TAVI ROI Will Come From Surgical Referrals, Not TAVI

13. Patient Satisfaction and Complications of Transradial Catheterization

14. MTWA Warns of Impending Cardiac Arrest

15. Editor's Top Picks for Innovative New Technology at ACC 2011

16. Advances in Cath Lab Imaging Systems

17. Connecting ECG Management Systems

18. New Designs May Ease Bifurcation Stenting

19. Cordis Discontinues Cypher Stent, Halts Development of Nevo Stent

20. Creating a Same-Day Discharge PCI Program Using Transradial

21. Transradial Access Staff Training and Patient Discharge

22. Editor’s Pick of Most Innovative Technology Presented at TCT 2011

23. FDA Approves Sapien Transcatheter Aortic Valve

24. The Next Generation of DES

25. Maquet Datascope Recalls Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps



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