Balloon Catheter

This channel includes news and new technology innovations for angioplasty balloon catheters (PTA). These are used in arteries with atherosclerotic lesions to compress the plaque expand the artery lumen to reopen occluded or heavily stenosed atherosclerotic lesions. Balloons are often used in combination with a stent to prop the treated vessel segment open. In addition to plain old balloon angioplasty (POBA), this section includes news about drug-coated balloon (DCB), valvuloplasty balloons and specialty cutting balloon.

Biotronik, Passeo-18 Lux, DCB, BIOLUX P-I, trial, drug eluting, balloon catheter
News | March 04, 2015
March 4, 2015 — Biotronik announced that results of its BIOLUX P-I clinical study have been published in the Journal of...
Feature | March 02, 2015
March 2, 2015 — Cardinal Health announced plans to acquire Johnson & Johnson’s Cordis business, a leading global...
In.PACT Admiral, PAD, Medicare, pass-through payment, Medtronic, balloon cath
News | February 23, 2015
February 23, 2015 — Medtronic announced that the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved a...
Bard, Lutonix, drug coated balloon, DCB, CMS, pass-through payment, outpatient
News | February 23, 2015
February 23, 2015 — C. R. Bard Inc. announced that the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has...
Lutonix, drug eluting balloon, drug coated balloon

The Bard Lutonix drug-eluting balloon was the first DEB to gain FDA approval in October 2014. Illustration by Mike Austin. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Feature | Drug-Eluting Balloons | February 19, 2015 | Dave Fornell
Drug-eluting balloons (DEBs), also referred to as drug-coated balloons (DCBs), have been one of the long-awaited new...
Boston Scientific, Bard, Lutonix, DCB, drug coated balloon, distribute
News | February 13, 2015
February 13, 2015 — Boston Scientific and C. R. Bard announced a deal where Boston Scientific will distribute the...
Medtronic, In.Pact Admiral DCB, PAD, U.S. launch, drug-coated balloon
News | February 06, 2015
February 6, 2015 — United States hospitals began using a new medical device from Medtronic plc  called the In.Pact...
drug-eluting balloons, DEB, ECRI, report, peripheral artery disease, PAD, cath

The Bard Lutonix drug-eluting balloon was cleared by the FDA last November.

Feature | January 30, 2015
January 30, 2015 — ECRI Institute has created a report that offers an overview of drug-eluting balloon (DEB) technology...
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Image courtesy of InterValve

Technology | January 28, 2015
January 28, 2015 — Maquet Medical Systems USA announced an agreement to serve as the exclusive U.S. distributor of...
Balloon catheters, cath lab, peripheral artery disease (PAD), Lithoplasty

Shockwave's Lithoplasty System, an innovative treatment for patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD).

News | January 13, 2015
January 13, 2015 — Shockwave Medical announced CE Mark regulatory approval for the company’s Lithoplasty balloon...
News | January 09, 2015
January 9, 2015 — Covidien announced it has received CE Mark approval for its Stellarex drug-coated angioplasty balloon...
Medtronic, In.Pact, Admiral drug-coated balloon, DCB, drug-eluting balloon
Technology | January 05, 2015
January 5, 2015 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Medtronic’s In.Pact Admiral drug-coated...
Balloon catheters, clinical trial/study, drug-eluting balloon, IN.PACT Admiral

Image courtesy of Medtronic, Inc.

News | December 29, 2014
December 29, 2014 — The results of a study published online and in Circulation indicate that a medical device from...
balloon catheters, clinical trial/study, medtronic, IN.PACT Admiral drug-coated

Photo courtesy of Medtronic

News | December 26, 2014
December 26, 2014 — The results of a landmark study published this month in Circulation indicate that a device from...

Image courtesy of Cardionovum

News | December 19, 2014
December 19, 2014 — Cardionovum GmbH announced that it has initiated a 150-patient clinical study of its novel...