News | June 30, 2008

NuPhysicia Selects CareTone Ultra Digital Stethoscope for its Telemedicine Suitcase

July 1, 2008 - American TeleCare Inc. (ATI) said today NuPhysicia LLC adopted ATI's CareTone Ultra digital stethoscope into the B3Zero Telemedicine Suitcase System.

CareTone Ultra, one of ATI's patented CareTone Telephonic Stethoscopes, transfers high-quality, real-time auscultation sounds from the hearts, lungs and abdomens of remote patients. The B3Zero Suitcase was developed by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston and is now marketed by NuPhysicia LLC, their private telemedicine company. Named for its durable Zero Halliburton aluminum case, the B3Zero is designed for portable, live-video telemedicine and connects physicians to patients anywhere in the world at any time.

As approved carry-on luggage, the B3Zero is designed for easy transport, set-up and operation and gives remote populations the ability to connect with needed medical care. The rugged system has been used to evaluate Rift Valley Fever patients in isolated villages in Kenya, Africa. It is deployed to connect patients in Africa and South America to clinicians in Europe and the U.S. for evaluation and treatment of viral infectious diseases.

CareTone Stethoscopes from American TeleCare consist of a sending and receiving unit and are designed for simplicity of use. The sending unit contains a high-quality chest piece, a power indicator light and stereo headphone jack for consultation where there is a clinician at both the remote and central sites. The receiving unit includes headphones, volume control and a switch to select either bell or diaphragm frequency sounds.

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