Nuclear Imaging

A myocardial perfusion exam performed on the Siemens Biograph Vision PET-CT system.
Feature | Nuclear Imaging | Dave Fornell, Editor
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Technology | PET-CT

June 5, 2018 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Biograph Vision, a new positron emission ...

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Radiation dose monitoring for angiography on the Canon Infinix angiography system. Radiation dose tracking in cardiology.
Feature | Radiation Dose Management | Dave Fornell, Editor

A new consensus document on how to mitigate radiation exposure in cardiac imaging for both patients and staff was issued ...

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Nuclear cardiology SPECT scan showing myocardial perfusion. A new consensus document issues by ACC and other societies provides guidelines on managing radiation dose.
Feature | Radiation Dose Management | Dave Fornell, Editor
May 31, 2018 — Here is a checklist of dose-sparing practices for nuclear cardiology that was included in a new 2018 ...
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News | Heart Failure

May 11, 2018 — A team led by Johns Hopkins University Researchers has discovered that protein clumps appear to ...

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News | Radiation Dose Management

May 10, 2018 — A new consensus document has been issued to guide the optimal use of ionizing radiation in cardiovascular ...

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Technetium-99m is primarily used for the detection of cancer and to assess perfusion defects in the heart caused by heart attacks or other conditions.
Feature | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | Dave Fornell

February 8, 2018 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently took ...

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Technology | Advanced Visualization

December 4, 2017 — Vital Images unveiled the newest version of Vitrea Advanced Visualization software, the cornerstone ...

Home December 04, 2017
News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound

October 12, 2017 — The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) and the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) ...

Home October 12, 2017
News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

October 11, 2017 — MR Solutions took their cryogen-free preclinical multimodality magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) solut ...

Home October 11, 2017
News | Cardiovascular Information Systems (CVIS)

September 19, 2017 — ScImage Inc. and Invia Imaging Solutions recently announced formation of a joint partnership at the ...

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CZT SPECT camera detectors offered by GE.
Feature | Nuclear Imaging | Dave Fornell

Cardiac nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) has been a mature area of imaging for years, but has recently started ...

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Technology | SPECT Imaging

September 15, 2017 — Philips highlighted its newest solution for nuclear cardiology, CardioMD IV, at the American ...

Home September 15, 2017
News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers

August 30, 2017 — ARTMS Products Inc. signed a strategic partnership with GE Healthcare around ARTMS’ proprietary ...

Home August 30, 2017
Videos | Nuclear Imaging

Prem Soman, M.D., director of nuclear cardiology at the Heart and Vascular Institute, University of Pittsburgh, and ...

Home August 24, 2017
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