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VIVA 2019 Late-breaking Clinical Trials

The latest clinical data in vascular medicine and peripheral vascular interventions

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November 14, 2019 — The results of the 21 late-breaking clinical trials presented for the first time at Vascular Interventional Advances (VIVA) 2019 conference. These results were presented in four different sessions on Nov. 5-6, 2019, in VIVA's Global Theater. VIVA highlights the latest science in vascular and peripheral vascular interventions.

Tuesday Late-breakers, November 5:

   • No Increased Mortality for the Zilver PTX Drug-Eluting Stent Compared to Uncoated Devices, presented by Michael Dake, M.D.

   • A Novel Sustained Sirolimus Release Eluting Balloon: 2-Year Data From the SELUTION SFA Trial, presented by Thomas Zeller, M.D., Ph.D.

   • RANGER II SFA: Randomized Trial of RANGER DCB vs. PTA in the SFA, presented by Ravish Sachar, M.D.

   • 4-Year Outcomes From the IN.PACT Global Study, presented by Thomas Zeller, M.D., Ph.D.

   • DCB vs POBA After B-laser Atherectomy Shows No Difference, presented by John Rundback, M.D.

   • Two-Year Outcomes From the IMPERIAL Randomized Trial of Eluvia and Zilver PTX, presented by Osamu Iida, M.D.


   • Full Cohort 24-Month Safety and Efficacy Results of the VMI-CFA Common Femoral Stenting Trial, presented by Koen Deloose, M.D.

   • Nexus Aortic Arch Branch Stent-Graft System – Mid-Term Results, presented by Mario Lachat, M.D.

   • Revolution Rotational Atherectomy System IDE Experience, presented by Jeffrey Carr, M.D.

   • 1-year Results From the MIMICS-3D Registry: Investigating the BioMimics 3D Stent, presented by Michael Lichtenberg, M.D.

   • Treatment of BTK Disease With a Novel Device: Update on the DEEPER OUS Trial, presented by Thomas Zeller, M.D., Ph.D.


Wednesday Late-breakers, November 6:

   • 6-Months Results of TOBA II BTK, presented by George Adams, M.D.

   • 5-Year ABSORB BTK Trial Results, presented by Ramon Varcoe, MBBS, MS, Ph.D.

   • Results of the PROMISE I Trial Using the LimbFlow Bypass System in Limb-threatening Ischemia, presented by Daniel Clair, M.D.

   • Initial 12-Month Outcomes From the TANGO Trial (Adventitial Temsirolimus in BTK Lesions), presented by Ehrin Armstrong, M.D.

   • The Ulysse Registry Shows Benefit of Ultrasoundplasty in Below-the-knee Interventions, presented by Costantino Del Giudice, M.D., Ph.D.

   • IN.PACT AV Access 6-month Lesion Outcomes, presented by Robert Lookstein, M.D., MHCDL

   • Lateral Subdermic Plexus Insufficiency: A Paradigm Shift With Restless Leg Syndrome, presented by Swar Shah, M.D.

   • Early Outcomes From the ClotTriever (CLOUT) Registry in DVT, presented by David Dexter, M.D.

   • Indigo Aspiration System for Acute Pulmonary Embolism, presented by Akhilesh Sista, M.D.

   • 1-Year Results of the DISAPEAR Registry, presented by Steven Kum, M.D.


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