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EuroPCR 2018 Late-breaking Trials in Interventional Cardiology

EuroPCR conference live case presentation. PCR late-breaking trials.

Here are the late-breaking trials and other key study presentations from the 2018 EuroPCR conference. This is the annual meeting of the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) of the European Society of Cardiology. It took place May 22-25, 2018 in Paris. The annual meeting attracts more than 10,000 attendees.

Late-breaking Trials at EuroPCR:

ORBITA: a physiology-stratified analysis of the impact of FFR and iFR on the efficacy of coronary angioplasty in stable coronary artery disease. Presented by Dr. R. Al-Lamee.

FAME 2, DANAMI-3-PRIMULTI, and COMPARE-ACUTE: accumulating long-term data on the comparative value of physiological guidance for stent targeting will be discussed, with a focus on potential impact on cardiac death and myocardial infarction. Presented by F. Zimmermann.

SYNTAX III Revolution: Noninvasive heart team assessment of multivessel coronary disease managed either by coronary CT angiography FFR-CT or by invasive angiography. Presented by Patrick W. Serruys, M.D., Ph.D., FACC, FESC.

• SPYRAL HTN-ON MED: six-month results from the randomized, blinded, sham-controlled trial on renal denervation in the presence of antihypertensive medications. Presented by David Kandzari, M.D.

• Tendyne EFS: expanded feasibility study of TMVR for severe mitral regurgitation: 30-day outcomes of the first 100 patients. Presented by D. Muller.

• PCR Says Renal Denervation Offers Hope for Noncompliant Patients Hypertension. Presented by Felix Mahfoud, M.D., FESC

 SEMPER-FI: survival improvement in extensive myocardial infarction with persistent ischaemia following IABP insertion. Presented by L. Van Nunen.

• RADIANCE-HTN SOLO: primary outcomes of a randomized sham-controlled, off-medication study in hypertension utilizing an endovascular ultrasound renal denervation system. Presented by L. Mauri.

• Tides-ACS: comparison of titanium-nitride-oxide coated bioactive stent (Optimax) to the bioresorbable drug-carrier metallic DES (Synergy) in ACS - 18 months follow-up. — Presented by Pasi Karjalainen, M.D.

 • Amaranth Unveils 85-micron Bioresorbable Stent

• Interim nine-month follow-up in MAGNITUDE (98 micron BRS) and two-year follow-up APTITUDE (115 micron BRS) 

• SURTAVI: one-year outcomes of patients with severe aortic stenosis and an STS-PROM of less than three percent. Presented by P.W. Serruys.

GZ-FFR: a randomised controlled trial of PCI vs. optimal medical therapy in patients with stable angina and Grey-Zone Fractional Flow Reserve values. Presented by B. Hennigan

FAME II: five-year results of the FFR-guided PCI vs. medical therapy in stable coronary artery disease trial. Presented by P. Xaplanteris.

Long-term survival in patients with stable angina pectoris undergoing PCI with or without intracoronary pressure wire guidance in a report from Swedish Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty Registry (SCAAR). Presented by E. Omerovic.

30-day clinical and echocardiographic results of next-generation balloon-expandable TAVR system in patients with severe stenosis of native aortic valve. Presented by R. Ravinder Singh.

REBOOT: randomised comparison of repositionable and balloon-expandable bioprostheses in patients undergoing TAVI. Presented by J. Mehilli.

PORTICO I: real-world experience using the Portico transcatheter aortic valve: 30-day outcomes in 973 patients (Cohort A). Presented by F. Maisano.

Evolut R FORWARD: one-year outcomes following real-world TAVI with a self-expanding repositionable valve. Presented by E. Grube.

CENTERA-EU: one-year outcomes assessing a novel self-expanding transcatheter heart valve. Presented by H. Reichenspurner.

Biosolve-IV: 12-month follow-up of the safety and performance of the resorbable magnesium scaffold, Magmaris in a real-world setting - first 200 subjects. Presented by S. Verheye.

CIAO: impaCt of Implantation strategy on Absorb long term Outcomes. Presented by C. Rapetto.

Comparison of data from the TVT registry with PARTNER2 S3 studies: real-world outcomes of TAVR with balloon-expandable valve in intermediate-risk patients. Presented by E.M. Tuzcu

Data from the STS/ACC/TVT registry: 30-day outcomes of transcatheter mitral valve replacement in native mitral valve disease with severe mitral annular calcification in the United States. Presented by M. Guerrero.

SENTINEL: a randomized clinical trial on anatomical predictors of stroke prevention during TAVI. Presented by H. Jilaihawi.

SAPIEN 3 outcomes for bicuspid vs tricuspid aortic valve stenosis: propensity matched results. Presented by R. Makkar.

NOTION: longevity of transcatheter and surgical bioprosthetic aortic valves in patients with severe aortic stenosis and lower surgical risk. Presented by L. Sondergaard.

Cerebral protection during TAVR reduces the incidence of major cerebrovascular events: results from an up-to-date systematic review and meta-analysis. Presented by L. Testa.

RESPOND: 2 years clinical outcomes in patients treated with a repositionable and fully retrievable aortic valve in routine clinical practice. Presented by D. Hildick-Smith.

• Transfemoral TAVI using the self-expanding ACURATE neo prosthesis: anatomical and procedure-related predictors of more-than-mild paravalvular leakage. Presented by W.K. Kim.

First-generation VitaFlow TAVI valve: one-year feasibility and safety study. Presented by T. Modine


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