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ACC 2018 Late-Breaking Trials Announced

Latest clinical data in cardiology will be presented at the 2018 American College of Cardiology meeting

ACC 2018 Late-Breaking Trials Announced

Here is a list of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) 2018 annual meeting late-breaking clinical trials presented at ACC18, March 10-12 in Orlando, Fla. The studies are linked to articles specific to the trial presentations.

Preview some of the hot topics at at ACC 2018 with the editor's of the ACC journals in the article "What Trends are Ahead in Cardiovascular Medicine in 2018?"


Joint American College of Cardiology/Journal of American College of Cardiology Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
Saturday, March 10

  • ODYSSEY Outcomes: Cardiovascular Outcomes with Alirocumab After Acute Coronary Syndrome: Results of the ODYSSEY Outcomes Trial
  • VEST: Efficacy of a Wearable Cardioverter-Defibrillator after Myocardial Infarction: Results of the Vest Prevention of Early Sudden Death Trial

Featured Clinical Research I
Saturday, March 10

  • DEFINE-FLAIR: Comparative Cost Effectiveness of the Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio versus Fractional Flow Reserve in Coronary Revascularization Decision-making
  • ADAPT: A pragmatic randomized trial of CYP2C19 Genotyping Implementation following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
  • COMBO Collaboration: One-year Clinical Outcomes of the Bio-engineered COMBO stent: Primary Results from the 3,614 All-comer Patients in the COMBO Collaboration
  • NOTION: Five-Year Outcomes From the All-Comers Nordic Aortic Valve Intervention Randomized Clinical Trial in Patients with Severe Aortic Valve Stenosis
  • Permanent His Bundle Pacing Is Associated with Reduction in Mortality and Morbidity Compared to Right Ventricular Pacing: Results From The Geisinger His Bundle Pacing Registry
  • mSToPS: A Digital End-to-End, Nationwide, Pragmatic Trial of Screening for Undiagnosed Atrial Fibrillation Within a Health Insurance System Using a Self-Applied ECG Patch: Primary Results of the mHealth Screening to Prevent Strokes (mSToPS) Trial

Joint American College of Cardiology/Journal of the American Medical Association Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
Sunday, March 11

  • PHARMCLO: A Prospective, Randomised, Multicentre Study Of A Pharmacogenomic Approach To The Selection Of Antiplatelet Therapy In Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • ARTEMIS: Impact of Patient Copayment Reduction on P2Y12Inhibitor Persistence and Clinical Outcomes after Myocardial Infarction: The Affordability and Real-world Antiplatelet Treatment Effectiveness after Myocardial Infarction Study (ARTEMIS) Randomized Trial
  • TREAT Trial: A Phase III, Randomized, International, Multicenter, Open label, with Blinded Adjudication of Outcomes, Non-Inferiority Clinical Trial to Explore the Safety and Efficacy of Ticagrelor Compared with Clopidogrel in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome with ST Elevation Treated with Thrombolysis
  • MANAGE: The Effect of Dabigatran in Patients Suffering Myocardial Injury After Noncardiac Surgery
  • SECURE-PCI Trial: Loading Doses of Atorvastatin versus Placebo in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes and Planned Revascularization

Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
Sunday, March 11

  • MOMENTUM 3: Multicenter Study of MagLev Technology in Patients Undergoing Mechanical Circulatory Support Therapy with HeartMate 3 (MOMENTUM 3) - Long Term Outcomes
  • INDIE-HFpEF: Inorganic Nitrite Delivery to Improve Exercise Capacity in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction: The INDIE Trial
  • Ceccy Trial: Carvedilol for Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity - Results of the Prospective, Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Ceccy Trial
  • Lisinopril or Carvedilol for Prevention of Trastuzumab Induced Cardiotoxicity

Featured Interventional Clinical Research II
Sunday, March 11

  • The CVD-REAL 2 Study: Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Events and Death Associated with Initiation of SGLT-2 Inhibitors versus Other Glucose Lowering Drugs - Real World Data Across Three Major World Regions with More Than 400,000 Patients
  • CANVAS: Canagliflozin For Prevention Of Heart Failure In Type 2 Diabetes: Results From The CANVAS Program
  • ACCELERATE: ADCY9 Genetic Variants and Cardiovascular Outcome with Evacetrapib
  • CANTOS: Cardiovascular Efficacy of Canakinumab Among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: Analyses from the CANTOS Trial
  • COMPASS: High Mortality after Major Adverse Limb Events in Peripheral Artery Disease: Results from the COMPASS trial

Joint American College of Cardiology/Journal of the American Medical Association Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
Monday, March 12

  • CARES: Primary Results of the Cardiovascular Safety of Febuxostat and Allopurinol in Patients with Gout and Cardiovascular Comorbidities
  • CANTOS: Anti-Inflammatory Therapy with Canakinumab and Incident Type 2 Diabetes: A Pre-Specified Key Secondary Endpoint of the CANTOS Trial
  • Blood Pressure Reduction in Black Barbershops
  • TRIUMPH: A Pragmatic Trial of a Low-dose Triple-Combination Blood Pressure Lowering Pill for Initial Treatment of Hypertension
  • POISE: 1-Year Outcomes of Perioperative Beta-blockade in Patients Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery

Late-Breaking Clinical Trials: Interventional Cardiology
Monday, March 12

  • STOP-PAD: A Phase II Randomized Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study in Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of hSDF-1 plasmid (JVS-100) Post Open or Endovascular Revascularization to Enhance Wound Healing
  • Device Closure Versus Medical Therapy for Secondary Prevention in Cryptogenic Stroke Patients with High-Risk Patent Foramen Ovale
  • SMART-DATE: Safety of 6-Month Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • ANNEXA-4: Interim Report on the ANNEXA-4 Study: Andexanet For Reversal of Anticoagulation in Factor Xa - Associated Acute Major Bleeding

Featured Interventional Clinical Research III
Monday, March 12

  • GWTG-HF Registry: Hospital Performance based on 30-Day Risk Standardized Mortality and Long-Term Survival after Heart Failure Hospitalization: An Analysis of Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure
  • FERRIC-HF II: Ferric Iron in Heart Failure (FERRIC-HF) II Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effect of Iron Isomaltoside on Skeletal Muscle Energetics in Iron Deficient Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
  • CTA-HF: Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography for Patients with Heart Failure (CTA-HF): a randomized controlled trial (IMAGE HF Project 1-C)
  • OUTSMART HF: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Routine Versus Selective Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Non-Ischemic Heart Failure (IMAGE-HF project 1B)
  • Lower Mortality and Heart Failure Hospitalization Rates in Patients Implanted with Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor - A Real-world Comparative Effectiveness Study
  • Interatrial Shunting for Treating Heart Failure: Early and Late Results of the First-in-Human Experience With the V-Wave Interatrial Shunt System


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