Feature | Heart Valve Technology | May 04, 2018 | Dave Fornell, Editor

Recent Advances in Transcatheter Valve Technology

An 3D echo view of a Neovasc Tiara transcatheter mitral valve. This valve is currently in clinical trials and is ahead of most of the TMVR devices in development.

A 3-D echo view of a Neovasc Tiara transcatheter mitral valve. This valve is currently in clinical trials and is ahead of most of the TMVR devices in development.

May 4, 2018 — Transcatheter valve technology has been advancing very quickly and the links to aggregated content from the past year below offer a concise update. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) use has greatly expanded over the past several years. The Boston Scientific Lotus TAVR valve is now positioned to most likely become the third TAVR device available on the U.S. market in the next 18 months. Several transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) and mitral valve repair technologies are now in clinical trials in the U.S. and overseas. Transcatheter tricuspid valve devices are also now in trials, and a transcatheter tricuspid annual repair device  was just cleared for use in Europe this week. 

Edwards Granted CE Mark For First Transcatheter Tricuspid Therapy

VIDEO: Clinical Outcomes With the Lotus TAVR Valve - interview with Ted Feldman, M.D.

Hospital Consolidation May Increase Access to TAVR, New Cardiac Technologies

VIDEO: Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implantation in Practice and Technologies in Development - Interview with Adam Greenbaum, M.D.

How to Perform Transcaval TAVR Access

VIDEO: How Consolidation Into Larger Health Systems Can Improve Access to TAVR

Boston Scientific Prevails in European Patent Dispute With Edwards Lifesciences

TAVR Can Cause Silent Cerebral Microbleeds, Neurological Impairment

University Hospitals Performs Ohio's First Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement

VIDEO: Outcomes Following Urgent TAVR - Results from the TVT Registry - interview with Sammy Elmariah, M.D

Boston Scientific Projects 2019 Launch for Lotus Edge Aortic Valve System

Edwards Completes Enrollment in PARTNER 3 Low-Risk CT Sub-Study

VIDEO: TAVR For Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis - Interview with Philippe Genereux, M.D.

CoreValve TAVR System Shows Strong Long-Term Performance in Clinical Trials

VIDEO: TAVR for Degenerated Surgical Valves — Valve-in-Valve TAVR Procedures - interview with Sammy Elmariah, M.D

Sentinel Cerebral Protection System Reaches 50-Center Adoption Milestone in U.S.

Edwards Lifesciences Self Expanding TAVR Valve Gains European Approval

Gate Bioprosthesis Used in Canada's First Transcatheter Valve Replacement for Tricuspid Regurgitation

ACC Experts Share What Trends are Ahead in Cardiovascular Medicine in 2018?

Boston Scientific Enters Investment and Acquisition Option Agreement With Millipede

Edwards LifeSciences Recalls Sapien 3 Certitude Delivery System

Enrollment Completed in U.S. IDE Trial for Manta Large Bore Vascular Closure Device

Edwards Acquires Harpoon Medical

VIDEO: Applications in Cardiology for 3-D Printing and Computer Aided Design — interview with Dee Dee Wang, M.D.

4C Medical's Novel Transcatheter Mitral Valve Presented at TCT 2017 Shark Tank Innovation Competition

VIDEO: Cath Lab of the Future Cardiovascular Technologies to Watch — interview with Juan Granada, M.D.

New Analyses Reinforce Hemodynamic Benefits of Evolut TAVR Platform in Intermediate-Risk Aortic Stenosis Patients

VIDEO: MAVERIC 6-month Outcomes for the Arto Mitral Valve Reshaping System

Harpoon Device May Improve Quality, Frequency of Mitral Repair

VIDEO: Update of Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement Technologies - Interview with Ted Feldman, M.D.

Positive, Sustained Improvement at One Year in SCOUT I Transcatheter Tricuspid Repair Trial

Medtronic Unveils Strong Early Outcomes for Intrepid Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement System

TAVR Cost-Effective Compared With SAVR in Intermediate-Risk Aortic Stenosis Patients

Sapien 3 Valve Demonstrates Significant Cost Savings Over Surgery In Intermediate-Risk Patients

Second Micro Interventional Devices Annuloplasty System Successfully Implanted

Materialise Announces Start of Pre-Market Phase for Mitral Valve Planning

VIDEO: Transcaval Access in TAVR Procedures - Interview with Adam Greenbaum, M.D.

Claret Medical Closes $14.5 Million in Series C Financing for Sentinel Cerebral Protection System

VIDEO: Conscious Sedation for TAVR Procedures — interview with Mario Goessl, M.D.

Sentinel Cerebral Protection System Significantly Reduces Stroke and Mortality in TAVR

Protembis Announces Successful First-in-Human Use of ProtEmbo Cerebral Protection System in European Trial

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Enrolls First Patient in TRILUMINATE Tricuspid Repair Trial

VIDEO: Mitral and Tricuspid Transcatheter Repair Technologies — interview with Azeem Latib, M.D.

Abbott Initiates First Clinical Trial of Clip-Based Tricuspid Repair System

Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair Start-up CoreMedic Gets Financing

FDA Expands CoreValve TAVR Valve Use for Intermediate Risk Patients

Mitralign Announces First European Subject Enrolled in SCOUT II Study of Trialign System

BioTrace Medical's Tempo Lead Shows Stability and Safety in Real-World Performance

VIDEO: Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair and Replacement Technologies — interview with Rebecca Hahn, M.D.

FDA Clears First TAVR Embolic Protection System

FDA Clears Aortic, Mitral Valve-In-Valve Procedures for Sapien 3 TAVR Valve

Lotus TAVR System Shows Superior Efficacy to CoreValve in Global REPRISE III Trial

Analysis Looks at Role Type of Valve Plays in Patient Outcomes Post-TAVR

Boston Scientific to Acquire TAVR Maker Symetis

VIDEO: TAVR Stands Equal to Surgical Valve Replacement — interview with Michael Reardon, M.D.

Transcatheter Annuloplasty For Repair Versus Replacement in Functional Mitral Regurgitation


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